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Artenda’s 1th Edition – The collective strength!

By 8 de November de 2021 November 11th, 2021 No Comments

Artenda is a project that was born by many hands, made to many other hands!

The first edition happened with 27 artists, all ACAP members – Santa Catarina’s Association of Plastic Artists, which is the big supporter of the project.

Conceived as an exhibition space of motion art, it has its movement on the roaming, thought to be at different places, speaking with different audiences.

The idea is to bring together art lovers and artists, with its contemporary works and their developments, in the most different artistic languages, promoting not just the contact, but creating an art marketing environment as it deserves!

For this project, I created new works that I joke about it to be “philosophical pop art”, because I followed three basic questions that make a lot of sense to me:

How much time the time has? – about our relationship with time, What (and how much of it) we dedicate our time for what really matters.

What are you hungry for?? – what are you hungry about, in life? Love, Success, Culture, likes, fame, peace…which one? What moves you?

Who are you?? – maybe the main question, because you may not answer me, or anyone else, but it is very important for you to know how to answer yourself.

Based on this three master arts, screens appeared, prints, objects and furniture…these last ones have their own chapter apart, because they were waste furniture, with flaws that were highlighted and made part of the artwork, giving them another aspect, another life and even another function.

So let’s keep going… Creating, collecting, moving!

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