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The FaberWHO? is a brand created by artist Simone Michielin.

They are hand-painted wooden eggs that are transformed into pop culture characters (cinema, music, comics, series) or transformed into “ everyday” people through pictures, where your family are customized by the artist , your friends and even your pets.

The idea came from a joke, at Easter 2016, during a painting workshop with a group of children…the artist painted chicken eggs as super heroes, and it was a success!

The project, although, it only started to take shape in the following year., with everything formatted, now in a larger and more durable shape, so it could actually be a ToyArt, be collectible, object of desire, decoration, appreciation.

Then, after a market study, brand development and registration, visual identity definition , in May 2017 officially come up as



Since then, many characters have come up, many others are still on the creations waiting list, and a good number of “anonymous” people found themselves portrayed in FaberWHO?just like true superstars.


If your favorite character is here, you are already part of this story!



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