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Mediterranean route



We all were (and still are) passengers of a time in which all of us lost part of our faces, a time when only the eyes revealed what we were carrying inside.

In this same time, passengers without faces crossed oceans to a new life, some (like myself) in the privileged serenity of a self-conscious movement, and others (many) in the restless reality belonging to the ones that leave because of fear, because of hunger, because they don’t have anything.

LAMPEDUSA – Nobody faces the probability of death… unless he faced its certainty before.

(Digital art, acrylic dye, embroidery on photography of the sea, 50x70cm, Italy, 2021 )

The ones that didn’t arrive

were so much, they keep being so much… what do we need to see it? Why doesn’t a big tragedy prevent others to happen again?

The ones that did arrive

landed with contradictory eyes, despair and euphory, sadness and joy, shame and pride coexist, and maybe their joining creates, at the end, HOPE

Salvataggio (Rescue

I think about the art of rescuing, about the ones that are good, that don’t rescue only the body but also the pile of intangible things that, together with the bodies, compose what a life means. (This piece is dedicated to the work of Vito Fiorino and Constantino Baratta, I Giusti di Lampedusa (the “Fair ones” from Lampedusa) –

White Cities – I came, like them, but I can hide in the white landscape 

(Acrylic dye and golden leaf, on photography of cities, 50x70cm, Italy, 2021)

The son, the father and the grandfather

Their feeling about belonging to the city is so low they don’t even cast a shadow. But is this feeling theirs, or yours?


that beyond the golden emergency blanket that got upon arrival, only has what’s in his hands. We don’t know what it is… maybe a little bit of earth, his earth, maybe the memory of somebody that should have arrived too.

But maybe it’s just your favorite toy.


its coloring will always be a reminder that “this place does not belong to you”, but instead of fading, it becomes evident, projecting its shadow over the sacred places and showing the numbers of its equals (migrations since 2014 – in the symbolism of my first “crossing” into the arts – until 2020 when I actually crossed the ocean to live in Italy).

Do I welcome you?

Old hand-shaped jewelry display stands (wealth holders) wrapped in old barbed wire (property demarcation) featuring old prejudice in a welcoming gesture.

(PVC, wood and barbed wire piece 20x15x27cm, Italy, 2021)

Against Italy’s homeland policy that said “no” to the refugees arriving to Italy, the “#ioaccolgo” (#iwelcome) movement raised, promoting empathy and compassion. But what’s beyond the hashtag? The everyday society, the one of the queue at the bakery, of the goodmorning on the street, of the children at the school gate… do they welcome you, refugees?

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Simone Michielin

Short bio

Simone Michielin, is a brazilian artist, living in Italy. Painter, illustrator, researcher and student of  various techniques and forms of artistic exploration.  

First graduated in law, her base as a visual artist is formed through free courses, study groups,  experimentation and artistic orientations and participation in professional associations, in order  to be involved in different areas of production and creative processes. She has participated in  several solo and group exhibitions, in Brazil and Italy. She has also worked with large scale  public art. 

Her work has already been on the cover of an important Brazilian decoration magazine, and  exhibited in two important galleries in Florence, Italy, and one of her large-scale works, created  especially for the 2016 Olympics, is on permanent display at the Olympic Museum in Moscow.  She was the vice-president of an important artistic association in Brazil, where she promoted  several exhibitions to raise the name of the institution. 

Simone usually works mixing drawing, digital screen printing, photography, hand painting,  digital painting and illustration, embroidery, digital collage, toyart, and also on different  platforms (canvas, plexiglass, wall, fabric, fiberglass sculptures and others). 

Today, Simone lives and works in Italy, and has already participated in an international art  platform, besides being selected to participate in an important international fair in the United  States.