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Crazy Dream 01

I had a very crazy dream…we were all passengers of a time when people had lost part of their faces – only the eyes remained to show joy, sadness, fear, surprise – because there was a worldwide pandemic that stopped the planet and erased people’s faces, and it erased a lot of whole people too.
People were isolated in their homes dealing with their ghosts…for the luckiest it was just boredom, but for the less fortunate it was hunger.
Isolated people tend to create things, for good and for bad…
They can create entire orchestras from their building’s balconies, together with people they’ve never seen before.
And they also can create paranoia.
The first ones happened more at the beginning, and they came followed by posters with positive phrases and colorful drawings.
The second ones started happening right after people discovered that baking bread at home would not prevent emotional breakdown..
The productivity paranoia rolled over.
Then there was the loneliness paranoia.
The paranoia of lifting the rolled over carpet (and see everything you had hidden down there).
There was paranoia running through the whole dream…
There were children’s parties without guests, family reunions by video call, people hugging each other through plastic barriers.
And as I am quite creative (my dreams are always surrealist feasts), in addition to the pandemic, there was humanitarian crisis, political crisis, ethical crisis…it was a swarm of crises!
All blended .
And we were there, trying to stay sane
And it isn’t the end yet…

Crazy Dream 02

In this crazy dream, streets were completely empty, and the worst part was the deafening silence.
Without people, mother nature spreaded to the cities, while men were losing their freedom
Staying at home by our own choice is good, if it’s mandatory it’s a problem.
The fashion industry said they approved the new outfit, now it was cool to spend the day in pajamas or sweats…Wow, what a relief, what a tragedy it would be to be considered “cringe”?
But the real help, the true one, came from the arts… this was for good! The luckiest had digital platforms to listen to millions of songs and podcasts, new books to read, a diversity of movies available on streaming, virtual visits to museums around the world… Art saved many people from madness.
And oddly, at the same time, the arts suffered from major attacks and defeats in my country (who needs Art anyway? irony intended)..
The dream went on, and other countries appeared on the media with other misfortunes, with people running away, on boats and planes.
I should call it a nightmare, not a dream…but I don’t, because in that human blender, very good things happened, in contrast with all that tragedy.
Because there was indifference, but there was also a wave of solidarity and empathy.
Because there was loneliness, but sometimes the best companies.
Because there were closed doors, but also other frontiers got opened.
Because there was fear, but also faith!
And there was love, there is always love, that in the most challenging times rises with a supernatural strength capable of keeping the world alive.
Nothing is linear.
I woke up in the morning, but I’m afraid that the dream will go on if I sleep again……

Short bio

Simone Michielin, is a brazilian artist, living in Italy. Painter, illustrator, researcher and student of  various techniques and forms of artistic exploration.  

First graduated in law, her base as a visual artist is formed through free courses, study groups,  experimentation and artistic orientations and participation in professional associations, in order  to be involved in different areas of production and creative processes. She has participated in  several solo and group exhibitions, in Brazil and Italy. She has also worked with large scale  public art. 

Her work has already been on the cover of an important Brazilian decoration magazine, and  exhibited in two important galleries in Florence, Italy, and one of her large-scale works, created  especially for the 2016 Olympics, is on permanent display at the Olympic Museum in Moscow.  She was the vice-president of an important artistic association in Brazil, where she promoted  several exhibitions to raise the name of the institution. 

Simone usually works mixing drawing, digital screen printing, photography, hand painting,  digital painting and illustration, embroidery, digital collage, toyart, and also on different  platforms (canvas, plexiglass, wall, fabric, fiberglass sculptures and others). 

Today, Simone lives and works in Italy, and has already participated in an international art  platform, besides being selected to participate in an important international fair in the United  States.