Simone Michielin Arte for Flow

I Give You Feelings

This is a capsule collection, created exclusively for my favorite place in Desenzano.

Flow – Officina dei Fiori, is a Concept Store that looks like a portal to a magical world. It was love at first sight.

Since we first talked about this project, to create a small collection for Christmas, I already had in mind that it should be something that speaks about essence, of what really matters when we are together with our family, or at least when we think about family, closest friends, those we care about.

So my thought was: What would I like to give to the people I love?

I’d like to give “feelings”… because of all that I have, that’s what matters the most.


I give you closeness, being close, even if we are not together

I give you the promise of time, that enthusiasm for what the future is still capable of promising us

I give you the truth of deep feelings, those that only poets can describe in words without ruining their existence

I give you trust, the one in your own feet, in your own steps, in your own way

I sincerely hope you enjoyed it, and since you’re here, take the opportunity to take a look around the site, there’s a lot of beautiful stuff :)

And to see more about Flow, click in this link:

Simone Michielin

Short bio

Simone Michielin, is a brazilian artist, living in Italy. Painter, illustrator, researcher and student of  various techniques and forms of artistic exploration.  

First graduated in law, her base as a visual artist is formed through free courses, study groups,  experimentation and artistic orientations and participation in professional associations, in order  to be involved in different areas of production and creative processes. She has participated in  several solo and group exhibitions, in Brazil and Italy. She has also worked with large scale  public art. 

Her work has already been on the cover of an important Brazilian decoration magazine, and  exhibited in two important galleries in Florence, Italy, and one of her large-scale works, created  especially for the 2016 Olympics, is on permanent display at the Olympic Museum in Moscow.  She was the vice-president of an important artistic association in Brazil, where she promoted  several exhibitions to raise the name of the institution. 

Simone usually works mixing drawing, digital screen printing, photography, hand painting,  digital painting and illustration, embroidery, digital collage, toyart, and also on different  platforms (canvas, plexiglass, wall, fabric, fiberglass sculptures and others). 

Today, Simone lives and works in Italy, and has already participated in an international art  platform, besides being selected to participate in an important international fair in the United  States.